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Testing Chambers

The shelters are submitted to a number of tests, concerning their performance at real climatic conditions. SHELTER is equipped with two special testing chambers.

Waterproof performance chamber

The water-proof performance of the shelter is controlled in a specially water – spray chamber.

The chamber is equipped with several water spray nozzles that spray the shelter from various directions.

In this manner, heavy rainfall in addition with strong wind is simulated.

After a predefined time period, the interior of the shelter is inspected in order to certify that no water has entered the building.


Thermal performance chamber

The heat leakage of each new model of shelter is determined in a specially designed chamber. The chamber is equipped with sensors that measure the climatic conditions of the chamber. The climatic conditions of the chamber are monitored and can be influenced electronically in order to achieve the desired test conditions.

A set of sensors is mounted on the inside of the shelter on order to measure the climatic conditions inside the shelter. These data, as well as the data collected from the chamber are logged to a data acquisition system. The collected data are processed to determine the heat leakage of the shelter. The amount of heat leakage is essential because it determines the amount of energy that has to be spent.